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Consultations are always complimentary!

Individual anatomy and desired outcomes along with injector expertise and artistry affect the number of units or syringes required. A free consultation will provide the best estimate and personalized plan to reach your goals.


Botox® and Dysport®

Botox® and Dysport® are FDA-approved injectable treatments to temporarily reduce lines and wrinkles with natural-looking results. They are used to treat forehead lines, wrinkles between the brow, crow’s feet, lip lines, dimples in the chin, etc. These injectables also improve the overall appearance of your skin. They can also be used for symptoms of TMJ and excessive sweating. This treatment can even be used for prejuventation and wrinkle prevention! Excessive Sweating: Are you bothered by the amount you sweat? Regain confidence and control your sweating with injectables. Botox is FDA approved to treat perspiration (hyperhidrosis) of the underarms.


Customized Medical Facial

LUXE Customized Medical Facials utilize medical-grade products to address your specific skin concerns: anti-aging, acne, or pigmentation. Our aestheticians will provide a skin analysis to personalize your treatment to provide the best results. Each session provides exfoliation, extractions, serums, LED light treatment, and recommendations for skincare. These treatments provide a foundation for healthy skin treatment and maintenance.


Chemical Peels

A Chemical Peel is a procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers. Chemical peels are used to treat wrinkles, discolored skin, and scars – usually on the face, but maybe utilized for other areas like your hands. Peels can be done alone or combined with other procedures and at different depths, light to deep. Deeper chemical peels offer more dramatic results but also have longer downtime. When you schedule a chemical peel, you will receive a consultation with one of our skincare experts to discuss your skin concerns and determine the type of peel needed to meet your goals. She will discuss expected preparation (if any), downtime, and expected outcomes. Peels are very effective to improve the tone and texture of the skin when part of your routine skincare program. We can personalize your peel program for you!

Botox Injections

Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Versa are used to restore volume where it has been lost over time or to enhance certain areas of the face such as lips, cheeks, jawline, etc. Fillers are injected to seamlessly balance and shape your features, smooth wrinkles, and give you a more youthful appearance. The LUXE approach with fillers is always natural, never overfilled. We recommend a consultation prior to dermal fillers to create a personalized plan.



It’s never been easier to love the skin you’re in. Backed by an unparalleled commitment to safety and efficacy, a treatment with this FDA-cleared device is customized to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. Uncover clearer, tighter, younger-looking skin with SkinPen! Microneedling creates micro-channels in the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production to develop clear, smooth skin. SkinPen® is used to improve the appearance of scars, wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne, age spots, melasma, and skin laxity. Treat your face and neck to see what a difference a series of Microneedling can make.

Laser Facial Treatment

Lasers & RF Microneedling

Cool Peel: Reveal Healthier, Younger-looking Skin! CoolPeel is a non-invasive CO2 resurfacing laser treatment with very minimal to no social downtime. The laser uses precise energy delivered to the skin in very short pulses to remove the dull top layer of the skin and stimulate new collagen production. CO2 lasers are the gold standard to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, scars, and pore size to reveal smoother, healthier skin with a more even tone and texture. This treatment can be used on all skin types. Treatment time varies per area, but typically only takes 15 minutes. The treatment is quite comfortable but numbing cream can be applied for additional comfort. Virtue RF: Beautiful Skin is your Virtue! VirtueRF – The combination of radiofrequency and microneedling has become a proven, non-invasive option to visibly improve skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and tighten the skin. The physical injury from microneedling, paired with the delivery of radiofrequency heat energy, promotes remodeling of collagen and elastin that tightens and lifts (think saggy jowls and necks!). This treatment is used as both preventative and corrective and can be used in all ages and all skin types. VirtueRF Body – The VirtueRF platform utilizes a Deep handpiece that delivers all of the benefits from a regular VirtueRF treatment, but this treatment can penetrate deeper into the skin or fatty tissue with increased energy. It is designed to tighten, smooth, debulk fat and revitalize crepey skin on the abdomen, arms, glutes, thighs, buccal area and other areas of the body. Results can take 4 to 6 weeks to become apparent, and a series of 3-5 treatments is typically recommended. One of the key benefits of VirtueRF is there is very minimal social ‘downtime’. The Ultimate Duo: The best of both for Radiant, Youthful Skin! The VirtueRF and CoolPeel are the perfect match. Performed in the same visit, the deep, collagen stimulating benefits of RF microneedling plus the impressive superficial results of the CoolPeel treatment – it’s the perfect equation for glowing results and beautiful, tighter skin!



HydraFacial® uses patented technology to cleanse, peel, extract, hydrate, and protect your skin. Appropriate for all skin types! HydraFacial Platinum The ultimate HydraFacial experience! The Platinum treatment is a 7-step, tailored protocol delivering immediate results with a lasting impact to your skin health. HydraFacial essentials, peels, boosters, and LED light therapy you need to address your skin concerns. A lymphatic drainage treatment is also included to detox, depuff and support your immune system. HydraFacial Deluxe For a more customized HydraFacial treatment, the HydraFacial Deluxe includes all the essentials of the Express treatment with LED light therapy, PLUS a customized booster based on your skin concerns and goals. HydraFacial Back Treatment Keep your shoulders and back smooth and clear! Book a HydraFacial Back treatment. For those needing a deeper cleanse and additional time for extractions, select our HydraFacial Back Clarifying treatment. The HydraFacial Lip Perk treatment can be added on to your same-day Hydrafacial treatment. This treatment will hydrate, exfoliate and plump your lips using a patented serum including hyaluronic acid. HydraFacial Keravive Treatment for Scalp and Hair Are you concerned about hair thinning or loss? Recent research has shown that poor scalp health, evidenced by clogged hair follicles, dead skin cells, dry skin, and lack of circulation, is a major contributor to thinner, less voluminous hair. Just like the HydraFacial for skin health, Hydrafacial Keravive scalp treatment, recommended in a series of three, is an optimal way to deeply cleanse, nourish, and hydrate your scalp for healthier and fuller-looking hair.



Dermaplaning is a method of physical exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair, known as “peach fuzz” to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. During this treatment, your provider will use a sterile scalpel to gently exfoliate your skin, unclog pores and reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. Dermaplaning also allows for greater penetration of skincare products and creates a flawless canvas for makeup to glide on smoothly. This painless procedure can be performed alone or paired with a Chemical Peel or HydraFacial® for optimal results!

Patient on Scale

Medical Weight Loss

Kickstart your weight loss journey to a healthier weight and healthier you! Semaglutide is a weekly injectable treatment that will help you manage your cravings, feel fuller longer and lose weight faster than simply with diet and exercise alone. Injections are administered to your stomach in the office or may be taken home for your convenience. Monthly follow-ups are required. Depending on your weight loss goals, expect the program to last a minimum of three to six months. Maintaining a healthy weight is more than just willpower, establishing healthy eating habits is important. We support this process with a partnership with a certified health coach.

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